1. Pain free
  2. Non-invasive treatment
  3. No downtime!

This treatment is for men and women who do not want to endure cosmetic surgery for the risk, cost or recovery time associated with liposuction or surgical fat removal,

If you don’t want to have cosmetic surgery done for either the cost, recovery time or the risk, then NHC Skin Clinic Muscle Definition treatment can be your solution

Muscle definition treatment combines ultrasound and radio-frequency to enter the deeper layers of the skin. This combination will steadily heat the chosen area of the body. This then generates a natural response in the body that produces further collagen. This is a crucial protein, found in all joints, bones and muscles. It keeps these areas firm. This treatment eradicates the fat deposits and tightens the skin.

The ultrasound concentrates on eliminating the fat and the radio frequency works to tighten the skin. This combination improves collagen production

This treatment is very effective in toning areas where fat is challenging and hard to remove even with exercising and training.


Starting from £180

Muscle definition is a pain free, non-invasive treatment with no downtime!

We recommend around 6-8 sessions in the same area every 2 weeks to enhance results, we offer combination with Fat Freezing.