Brazilian Butt Lift

1. Visible results after first session
2. Pain-Free and non-invasive
3. Improved self-confidence

The Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift is a great procedure for someone who wants to improve the contour, shape, give lift, or provide modest increased volume to the buttock area without surgery. The lift can also help address dimpling or irregularities on the buttock and thigh areas.


With the immediate recovery time averaging around 10-14 days, a further six weeks will require wearing a compression garment and some discomfort sitting for long periods (dependent upon fat placement) may be experienced.

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  • Bigger, curvier, firmer, rounder and more shapely buttocks
  • You don’t have to go big, you can still look natural
  • Two in one procedure reduces and sculpts areas of unwanted or excess fat
  • Improve shape and figure in line with your objectives
  • Permanent and natural look
  • Uses your own tissue so safer and more natural than Butt Implants

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The Non-Surgical Butt Lift is a great procedure for someone who wants to improve the contour, shape, give lift, or provide modest increased volume to the buttock area without surgery.  Brazilian butt lift can also help address dimpling or irregularities on the buttock and thigh areas.  Patients who opt for Butt Lifts typically do not want or are not candidates for surgery, or do not have enough fat to do a fat transfer butt augmentation. Realistic expectations should be for modest volume increase over time. 

Excess fat will be extracted from elsewhere on the body (such as the stomach, love handles, inner thighs, hips, arms or back) through a procedure known as autologous fat transfer, fat grafting or lipofilling. The harvested fat cells are purified and then reinserted into the buttocks.

Using a combination of non-surgical technologies, our high definition butt lift treatment involves changing the shape of the buttocks after weight loss or to create a more contoured appearance. At NHC Med Spa we focus on toning, lifting and repositioning some of the malleable fat for a more appealing buttock contour. This treatment combines our latest fat busting technology, which works by stimulating fat cells, causing a change in the permeability of the cell membrane. This treatment also improves skin tone, reduces cellulite, and activates collagen production.

We use ultrasound, RF and fat freezing technologies on the lower portion of the buttock region to accentuate the fullness of the top portion of the buttocks. It can also help to smooth out blotchy and uneven skin tone and texture.

(Prices may vary dependent on person and whether they choose to opt for the fat freezing in combination with the butt lift.)

Broken down fat is then deposited naturally throughout the body, via the lymphatic system causing a reduction of fat in the area treated.

Our Body therapist will assess your body shape to ensure that the best treatment program for your bespoke Butt lift is devised to effectively sculpt, contour, lift, and smooth the buttocks ensuring maximum results.

The Brazilian Butt lift is the most advanced non-surgical treatment available in the UK which helps women of all ages achieve this desired look

Ideal for;


  • Localised fat deposits
  • Cellulite
  • Buttock lift
  • Buttock contouring

This treatment has no downtime, and it is pain-free. It is proven to be safe and effective and proven to be very safe and effective. This treatment will give you a permanent result. The combination of technologies dissolves the fat deposits that cause lumpy and dimply skin. The broken-down fat is then deposited naturally via the lymphatic system in the body.

  1. Unique simultaneous emission of high-power radio frequency and high-power cavitation ultrasound.
  2. Low frequency ultrasound destroys fat cell membranes thanks to the so called cavitational effect.
  3. Monopolar radio frequency: electrical currents with a frequency range of 300KHz to 1 MHz intensively heat the dermis and the hypodermis to shrink the existing collagen fiber network.
  4. Both ultrasound and radio-frequency currents enhance the absorption of active ingredients through the skin.

Depending on your weight and size the aesthetic practitioner will discuss with you during your consultation the best procedure for you. However, treatments could take up to four hours and there could be some bruising around the buttock area after the treatment, which is normal. Buttock lifts are usually performed under a general anaesthetic, although alternatives include an epidural combined with a sedative.

Brazilian Butt Lift

£ 150
per session
  • However, prices may vary dependent on person and whether they choose to opt for the fat freezing in combination with the butt lift.

Procedure Time

60 minutes (approx.)

Potential Risks

Mild redness

Results Duration


Full Recovery


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