Laser Hair Removal (Diode) XLase®

Laser hair removal is a procedure which uses an intense beam of light to medically remove unwanted hair growing in different areas of the body. It is ideal for people of dark or light skin complexions looking to inhibit hair growth. Several treatments may be required to ensure you enjoy long-lasting results where hair growth is prohibited long term. Maintenance sessions should be scheduled to ensure true permanence. At NHC MEDSPA we provide laser hair removal in mill hill and north London areas.


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  • Safe and efficient for hair reduction or removal
  • The best overall laser for all six skin types based on long term use and safety
  • Especially effective and safe in people with skin types 1 to 4
  • Better results among darker skin
  • Large areas of the body tend to recover faster
  • Fast treatment of larger body areas

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Laser Hair Removal works by using a laser light along your skin, targeting your hair follicles. It causes damage to the base of your hair follicle, disabling its ability to produce hair as quickly. After each treatment you will notice a reduction in the amount of hair growing in the specific area, until eventually, after a course of treatments, the hair will stop growing. It is a must-have to achieve the ultimate hairless body. Unwanted hair can be extremely embarrassing and inconvenient, especially on visible areas. The Diode Laser applicator is the next generation of laser hair removal and defers to IPL treatment as it uses photo epilation wavelength (810 nm) has been designed in response to the high demand for the removal of unwanted hair in all body areas.

All our hair removal lasers provide you with a virtually painless method of hair reduction leaving you with silky smooth skin. During the initial stages, you will feel a light stinging sensation, which indicates that the laser has been activated. Then a series of impulses are produced and may cause a slight burning sensation and some prickling. Your technician may apply a topical anaesthetic to the body area under treatment, in order to minimise the discomfort. But most people do not need the anaesthetic. Some people have said that the feeling is like that of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

Any laser-based hair removal procedure can cause some scarring. This is included as a risk in the consent forms that need to be signed before laser treatment begins. But the risk of scarring from laser hair removal treatment is rather small. The risk is a function of many factors including:

  • The skill, experience, training and knowledge of the laser technician.
  • Your body ability to heal.
  • The amount of melanin pigment in the skin. Darker skin tones have a greater risk of getting scarred.

The risk of getting scarred from a laser treatment is very small. You can minimise the risk by choosing an experienced laser technician for your laser treatment. You may also get the procedure supervised by an on-site doctor.

Many people experience some pigment changes following a laser treatment procedure. This may be darkening or lightening of the skin. Many people believe this is the same as scarring, but most of the time it is not. The pigment changes that may occur after laser procedures usually resolve themselves within a few weeks or months.

Most body areas can be treated with laser hair removal

You will notice a reduction in the amount of hair growing in the area being treated after each treatment.

A course of 6 treatments is usually recommended, but your practitioner will be able to assess the exact amount needed during your consultation.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

Upper lip£30.00
Shoulders £50.00
Under arms £50.00
Bikini line £60.00
Bikini line extended £70.00
G-string line £60.00
Face 2 areas £700.00
Half arms £70.00
Brazilian £80.00
Half back £80.00
Half Stomach £80.00
Bottom £65.00
Hollywood £110.00
Full face £95.00
Full arms £120.00
Lower legs £120.00
Full stomach £120.00
Upper back + Shoulders £120.00
Upper legs £130.00
Full back £130.00
Chest + stomach £140.00
Face & Neck£125.00
Full legs £190.00
Full body£1999.00

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Middle of brow £25.00
Cheekbone £30.00
Ears £30.00
Hands £40.00
Shoulders £80.00
Half Arm £70.00
Half Stomach £80.00
Half Back £80.00
Full Arm £130.00
Full Stomach £130.00
Full Back £150.00

Procedure Time

60 minutes (approx.)

Potential Risks

Mild redness

Results Duration


Full Recovery