Laser Pigmentation

Ageing, sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, contraceptives and environmental factors can all come together to produce freckles, age spots, birth marks and discoloured dark patches that no amount of concealer will hide. Our Laser pigmentation  is a FDA approved treatment which helps improve uneven skin tone, pigmentation and skin texture anywhere on the face and body with minimal downtime. Quick, pain free, and safe, our laser technology will help with your pigmentation concerns.


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 Laser pigmentation is a non-invasive treatment uses wavelength energy light to stimulate and boost collagen. Melanin is a substance that gives our skin colour. When too much melanin gathers in one location, freckles, age spots, and other minor blemishes can occur. Our Pigmentation Laser also can reduce pigmentation by breaking down the particles . Once the wavelengths of the laser light hit the pigment on the treated area, it shatters the colouration, dispersing it through the body’s lymphatic system. As a result, the spots reduce over time, leaving you with clearer, reduced and more even skin.

The treatment starts by booking a complimentary consultation with our highly trained practitioners for a one-on-one consultation. This will include discussing your pigmentation and examining your skin carefully followed by a patch test to ensure your skin is right for this laser treatment.

Laser pigmentation skin treatments are generally safe and is approved by the FDA.

NHC clinic provides you with painless method of Pigmentation reduction and treatment.

Results from laser pigmentation treatments occur immediately after procedure.

It’s depending on the skin condition. In our free consultation appointment our specialist will discuss with you about how many session you need.

Laser treatment is one of the most advanced treatments for removing unwanted pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles. … For deep pigmentation such as melasma, X Laser Resurfacing is the skin pigmentation treatment of choice which can remove up to 80% of melanin in treatment.

Laser Pigmentation

£ 130
1 session. for Face

Laser Pigmentation

£ 150
1 session. for Face and neck

Laser Pigmentation

£ 200
1 session. for Face,neck & decoltage

Laser Pigmentation

£ 100
1 session. for upper chest & decoltage.

Procedure Time

60 minutes (approx.)

Potential Risks

Mild redness

Results Duration


Full Recovery


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