Both micro-needling and Derma-pen is a revolutionary micro-needling device designed for skin revitalisation, specifically reducing wrinkles and fine lines, visibly improving the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars and surgery scars, and more.


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Micro-needling is a derma-roller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Micro-needling is mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores.

Micro-needling can be used to treat a wide range of skin issues, including tackling signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. It is a highly effective treatment for reducing the appearance of scarring from acne, surgery and trauma, as well as diminishing the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and helping to heal sun damage.

This treatment works by using microscopic needles to pierce the skin. This stimulates your body’s own natural production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that repair your skin and keep it supple. 
This effectively harnesses the body’s own healing system to bring about improvements in your skin, giving it a better tone and texture as well as reducing the appearance of ageing, scarring and other skin complaints.
The treatment is extremely safe and highly effective at treating even the parts of your skin that are delicate or harder to get to, such as around the eyes

Skin issues like wrinkles, stretch marks or sun damage can be frustrating to deal with and treat. Skin creams can help with these conditions temporarily, often people look to more drastic measures in order to treat their skin issues. We’re very pleased to be able to offer Micro-needling as a highly-effective, and non-surgical treatment.

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines
  • Stretch marks

The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. It’s proven more effective than laser treatments and chemical peels for stimulating collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin, improving wrinkles, fine lines and scars. 

Immediately after your Medical Micro-Needling procedure, your aestheist will apply a hyaluronic mask for 5-10 min and moisturiser. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen Motrin or Advil for 1 week. DO NOT ice face or use arnica or bromelain.

Micro needling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues.

Micro-needling can be safely repeated every 4-6 weeks until you achieve the desired results. However, your aesthetic will discuss with you the best amount of treatments for you depending on your condition.

Micro needling helps in removing dark spots, surface scarring, fine wrinkles, crow’s feet, acne scars, dark circles and bags under the eyes to give your face a glowing and healthy look. The facial skin becomes firm and smooth giving you a younger look. There is no age limit on looking your best. You should opt for micro-needling face skin to give your it the rejuvenation it requires.

Micro needling side effects are very rare if the treatment is done properly. Micro-needling is generally well tolerated but erythema may be seen after treatment lasting for 2-3 days which is normal and should dissipate quickly, you will then be able to wear makeup and resume to your normal skin care routine  

Treat the skin gently by washing it with a gentle cleanser, cool water, and using only your hands to pat dry no earlier than 4 hours after treatment. Some redness may also be present. Using a cooling mask will help reduce the inflammation or redness of the skin, giving you more comfort. There is no downtime so you can resume your normal day to day activities.

If your skin is sensitive after the treatment you can apply hydrocortisone cream, aloe, and take Advil for discomfort. Use a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and sun block for 48 hours after your treatment. Do not use corrective or exfoliating products for those first 48 hours.


£ 150

Full face & neck

£ 170

Procedure Time

60 minutes (approx.)

Potential Risks

Mild redness

Results Duration


Full Recovery


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